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Frances W Burton Foundation
Frances W Burton Foundation

Working today to change tomorrow!

Working today to change tomorrow!

About Us

Archie & Frances W Burton

The purpose of the Frances W Burton Foundation was to preserve and nurture the legacy of Mrs Burton and her family in giving and helping charitable causes. 

Mrs. Burton was born Frances Wattis on November 28, 1925 as part of a proud and accomplished family. Her father, E.O. Wattis, was one of the original founders of the Utah Construction Company.

Mrs. Burton lived a modest unpretentious life devoted to her family with low-key involvement in civic and community affairs. The hallmark of her service was that she remained anonymous. She always felt a desire to give hope and opportunity to those less fortunate. Her insistence on remaining in a low-profile position was due to the fact that she wanted to keep the focus on the needs of recipients, not the generosity of the donor.

Before her death in March of 2001, Mrs. Burton, along with her husband, Mr. Archie D. (Bud) Burton set in motion what is now the Frances W. Burton Foundation. Among her first supported charities were those that served children as well as organizations who are charged with the responsibility of saving lives in rescue operations.

Mrs. Burton also wanted the charity to be means for her children and grandchildren to be involved together to preserve her giving legacy. The FWB Foundation has been organized to specifically involve Mrs. Burton's descendants in charitable work. As her family has grown and moved to locations in the western United State, the FWB Foundation has sought to serve charities in the communities where her family resides. The Board continually seeks and funds 501(C)3 organizations in the communities where her descendants live. 

The Frances W Burton Foundation has a special connections with charities whose purpose is to fight the battle with cancer. Mr & Mrs Burton, along with all of the members of the current Board, have all been affected by cancer and its associated problems. As a specific goal and to meet a need, the FWB Foundation has supported the annual American Cancer Society Women's Golf Tournament with the goal that additional awareness and effort can be focused on women's cancer issues.

Going forward, the Foundation has been reaching out to smaller charities whose mission also serves Mrs Burton's original goals and where the Board can make a significant difference for some of the smaller, overlooked charities.

As a Board, we are grateful to be able to carry on Mrs Burton's goals and honored to continue to pursue her legacy under the banner of her proud name.

Our Mission


 The Frances W. Burton Foundation seeks to make a meaningful impact, worldwide, by donating to organizations that provide charitable services to those in need and that most effectively utilize their resources. We will continue the legacy established by Frances Wattis Burton by supporting charities whose mission is to service children and the underprivileged. 

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